Here begins Tales to Astonish!

The year is 1933. The world is filled with adventure. Governments are changing hands around the world. Rumors of dangerous, hidden lands are spreading. There is a race for strange, new technologies. Occult powers are growing.

Germany’s new chancellor delivers his “Proclamation to the German People”.

On the radio, a masked Texas Ranger thought to be dead, and his Indian companion, make their debut.

On the silver screen, a gigantic, prehistoric, island-dwelling ape kidnaps a beautiful young woman.

A powerful earthquake and tsunami hit Honshū, Japan, killing approximately 3,000 people.

Jewish protesters in New York City call for a boycott of German goods in response to the persecution of German Jews by the Nazis.

15 million unemployed in the USA (pop. 125 million)

The first alleged modern sighting of the Loch Ness Monster occurs.

The first drive-in movie theater opens in Pennsauken Township, near Camden, New Jersey.

Gandhi is sentenced to prison in India.

Scientist Albert Einstein arrives in the United States.

Winston Churchill makes his first public speech warning of the dangers of German rearmament.

The United States and the Soviet Union establish formal diplomatic relations.

The Marx Brothers’ anarchic comedy film Duck Soup is released in the U.S.

FM Radio is patented.

“Machine Gun Kelly” and Albert Bates kidnap Charles Urschel, an Oklahoma oilman, and demand $200,000 ransom.

The Diexi earthquake shakes Mao County, Sichuan, China and kills 9,000 people.

December 5 – The 21st Amendment to the United States Constitution is passed, repealing Prohibition.

10 topics to ask your characters to get to know them better.

1. How old are they and do they act their age? Do they cling to their youth? Do they wish they were older?

2. What was their childhood like? How do they get on with their relatives? Are their parents still alive, and if not what happened?

3. What kind of relationships do they have with others? Do they have a partner, and if so is it a happy relationship? Do they have lots of friends or are they more of a recluse?

4. What hobbies and passions do they have? Find out what they love to do.

5. What makes them happiest?

6. What makes them most afraid?

7. What makes them angry?

8. What was the best moment of their lives? What was the worst?

9. Their biggest secret? and who knows it?

10. Can you describe them in one word?

Tales to Astonish

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