Explorers Club
The Explorers Club began in 1904 when a group of fifty explorers met with Henry Collins Walsh to form an organization to unite them in purpose and provide much needed funds to uncover all the secrets of the world. There are two ways to gain membership to the Explorers Club: by invitation and by application. For the former, one must either be an expert in their field or an accomplished enough explorer to justify a position in the club. An invitation, with all the details and effects of membership, is sent out for the recipient to accept or decline as they wish.

Travellers Club
The Travellers Club, founded in 1819, is one of the most highly regarded members-only societies in the world. Lord Castlereagh created this club to accommodate gentlemen adventurers who wished to rub shoulders with distinguished foreign visitors. Many important and powerful people—ambassadors, diplomats and royalty—are counted among the members. The Travellers Club is located in Pall Mall, London.

Order of Prometheus
Some organizations hoard their knowledge and keep it locked away from mankind, while others (such as the Thule Society) use their knowledge for evil. The Order of Prometheus, on the other hand, seeks only to improve the lot of humanity with science and technology—regardless of whether their aid will be well received or even useful. The Prometheans believe that the world would be a better place if mankind would but take the next inevitable, evolutionary step, and embrace its destiny.

Foundation for Research and Enlightenment
The Foundation for Research and Enlightenment,now only five years old, is dedicated to exploring and unlocking the power of the human mind. Through hypnosis and other means, the members of this group have had astonishing success at tapping into the collective unconscious of the human race to reveal long-lost truths and to evoke unprecedented psychic ability.

FBI: Special Investigations Unit
For years, J. Edgar Hoover has been keeping files on strange and unexplained phenomena. Along with the formation of the FBI last year, Hoover created a topsecretteam called the Special Investigations Unit (SIU) to investigate such cases. These men are dedicated to protecting the public from the supernatural. Strange lights in the sky, crop circles, unexplained encounters;all are dealt with by the SIU. SIU Agents handle suspected paranormal events with speed and efficiency, cleaning up evidence and confiscating anything left behind. Hardly surprising,as half their job is to make sure that everyone involved understands the truth: Nothing really happened here. Sometimes a simple cover story is not enough,and for these situations an Agent may be issued an“amnesia ray” to wipe a target’s short-term memory.Unfortunately, they are still in the prototype stage, and can be unreliable.


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